Monday, September 14, 2015


I honestly wasn't sure what to do with these colors, so I took my cue from the journal prompt to write about wildlife. Recently my dad and I want to a wildlife refuge a few miles from my house. I had actually never been into the area, just generally knew it was there, and boy was I ever surprised. It is a huge area with all sorts of ponds and wetlands and we saw a ton of birds. It was a truly fabulous bird day. We wandered for several hours photographing all the cool birds we saw. I even got some great take off and landing shots of several types of birds. I think my favorite was seeing the pelican (center photo) take off; just majestic.

I mostly used the grey and yellow from the palette, with splatters of the pink and green in the background. I love how fresh it looks. Obviously feathers feature prominently and I loved this feather paper I found, that has been waiting for the perfect photos. The feathers and burlap flowers just finished off the rustic look.

Evidence used: animals, flowers, leaves, envelope

Testimony is about wildlife.

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  1. So very pretty and peaceful. Your photos really take center stage against the more subtle colors of your background and embellishments. Nicely done.