Saturday, September 26, 2015

Song Of The Sea

I tried everything to get the "brown paper bag" color, but failed to find anything that would work. Then it hit me, duh, use a brown paper bag, so that is what I have used for my background. I cut a 12x12 square from a grocery bag, wadded it up, spritzed and laid flat to dry. I applied some gesso to create the old look to the bag.  A friend of mine gave me an old hymnal to use for art pages and since there was the music prompt in the evidence, I decided to use one of the pages. For me, the sound of the roaring surf is music for my soul. I love to just sit and listen. This piece of music was perfect to covey that idea.  The rest came together pretty quickly and I'm quite happy about the page. I had just thought the colors fit coast photos well, but it ended up being a meaningful page.

Evidence used: music elements, rub-ons, mixed media BG, spiral, And enamel dots.

Testimony is something I do for entertainment or in my case, well being. "We often jump in the car and go over to the coast; just because. This day we were escaping smoky skies."

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