Friday, September 4, 2015

Meet Bertram

I'd like to introduce Bertram the Hipster Giraffe.

I joined with a group of very talented ladies to alter a paper mache animal. I chose a giraffe. I just love them. Love the patterns of their spots, love the long neck, love the elegant way they move.

The story of Bertram began when my daughter asked me what I was doing a couple of weeks ago. I sent her the photo of my blank giraffe and she thought that looked fun. Then I sent her a photo of a giraffe I found on Google. He had a long scarf wound around his long neck and his nose up in the air. She replied back how hipster he looked, then we began brainstorming ways to make mine hipster. Since we live in the land of Portlandia, we came up with an extensive list.

I first coated him with a base of black gesso, then added his spots with some crackle paste. Took quite a while, but so worth it! The paste was white, so I sprayed him with three different colors of spray ink, with the final coat being a golden shimmer. Of course he needs to shimmer.

I had a piece of deli paper that I had done some Gelli printing on and cut out a scarf. Of course there needed to be a bowtie included, because bowties are cool.

I made a pair of glasses out of wire and two chipboard circles. An gave him a cup of joe, from Stumptown Coffee, of course (a Portland thing)

After showing him, in this state to a friend, she said he needed a beanie. Um, yes. I found a pair of cheap white knit gloves, the kind you can find for a buck and cut the end off the pinky. I sprayed it with spray mist, then water. I love the hand dyed look it gave it. Very hipster.

Of course he needed a tail and the gears are just fun.

Close up of the wonderful cracking! I am so pleased with how he turned out!

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Erika Hayes said...

SO HIP, SO COOL! Love it! Congrats on the collaboration! You really are an amazing artist!

Tina said...

Such amazing texture! And he is so cute! I love what you created! ♥

Christy Strickler said...

Bertram came out extra cute! I especially love his glasses!

Mitra Pratt said...

Super cool! I love the crackle and the gears! And the beanie! THAT BEANIE ROCKS! So happy we hung out and made animals together!