Sunday, November 9, 2014


There is a fun new challenge blog called Words & Paintery and it looks to have a fun mixed media twist to it. Looks like a lot of fun. The first challenge was to use two shades of blue and a dark teal and had the word prompt of "paintery".

I took these photos on my visit to Yellowstone last January. I could stand and watch these geysers erupt all day long. They make the coolest sounds and spew out amazing water droplets. This particular geyser allowed you so close that you actually get some water spit on you. It was super fun to try and capture as many suspended droplets as possible.

For this one I started out with a blank piece of watercolor paper. I thoroughly wet it down and added blobs of blue ink, letting it flow and pool. I like seeing what sorts of designs form when I do this. Next I added some stamped scratches in the dark green. I pulled out some cheesecloth and arranged it so that it was thin in places and thicker in others. I clustered my photos on top then sprinkled some clear skittles, mimicking the water droplets in the photos. I then added some gears, clouds and gems. The plain clouds are covered with glossy, giving them a thickness and shine. Add a title and a bit of journaling, and we are done!