Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Facts About Me

The Challenge: Use trivia in a layout about you or your family

I really didn't think I was going to be able to do this week's Issue Challenge at Club CK or do the Sketchy Thursdays sketch challenge, but I was able to get this done in about a half an hour.  I had thought of the random facts while at work and knew what photo I was going to use and the papers just sort of fell into place!  Love it when that happens.  I really like how it turned out and I consider myself to be very random!

The Layout

The Sketch

Friday, August 26, 2011

Out of the Office

I will be out of the office for the next few days meeting up with Club CK Peeps and getting new blog content.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Venue

I participated in a round of Chinese Whispers at Club CK.  The first person of a group selects a sketch and sends it to the next person in the group.  This person creates a layout and emails a photo to the host and the next person in the group.  And that person creates a layout based on the photo they got, not the sketch and passes it on down the line and when everyone has done a sketch, there is a big revel to see how close the layouts all stayed or just how different from the sketch they turned out to be.  I have played twice and have been on the sketch end of the list both times.  This time I am last on the list and I am waiting to see what the original sketch looked like and see just how different (or similar) my layout is!

Here is my layout.  I used the photos we took when we were picking out a place for The Royal Wedding to take place.  It is coming right on up!  2ish weeks!  I can't believe it.

Here is a link to the revel so you can see for yourself!

And here is the original sketch.  The scallops are the same!  Sort of :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Flat Moongirl!

The peeps at Club CK have been making flat me to mail around the country and attend each other's crops.  I am going to a crop this coming weekend and we will be joined by peeps from all over the country!  Well, the flat versions at least.  I decided to get mine ready to attend one in St Louis in September.  I can't be there, but I'm sure my flat version will create trouble and hopefully keep people laughing.

Here is what I enjoy doing in my spare time

This is the official version and you may call me Your Royal Highness when you see me dressed as this

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

POP! Goes the Present

The Challenge: use an onomatopoeia (a word that is a sound) on a layout

Here is my second layout that I did for this week's Sketchy Thursdays sketch.  I also combined it with this week's Issue Challenge at Club CK.  For the sketch, I flipped it over to make room for my journaling that moves right into the title.

I gave John a rather large sleeping bag for Christmas last year and couldn't find a box big enough for it.  I stuffed it into this smaller box and then strapped it down with a tie down strap.  I had him open it a little early because I was afraid it was going to bust out of the box!  It was really stuffed in there.

So, I made up a little song, to the tune of POP goes the weasel, that goes something like this:
All around the Christmas tree
The presents wrapped so pretty
John pulls on the strap around the gift
POP! goes the present!

Again, a single page!!!

the sketch

Monday, August 22, 2011


I really liked the Sketchy Thursdays sketch this week.  I actually made two layouts with it.  You will see the other one tomorrow ;)

For this layout, I scrapped these three photos of my family.  They never cease to make me laugh and they are always being hams in front of the camera.  Sometimes it is hard to get a nice photo!  This group of photos just make me smile because this is what they really are!

I punched out the yellow piece in the middle, flipped it over and punched the other side to match and then I used distress ink to get the color and then took a fine black marker and outlined all the edges.  I really like how it turned out!  And it's only one page!

The sketch

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Twins

Welcome to the Summer Blog Hop!

You should have come here via  Amanda's blog  If you are lost or just tuning in here, start out at Amanda (Okgirl's) blog  Thanks Okgirl for organizing another fun sketch blog hop.  Along the way you will get to see what a group of us, a pretty large group, have done with a sketch that Amanda designed herself!  I hope you enjoy hopping your way through all of our sites.  I will draw one random comment, who's author is a follower to win a prize :)  Be sure to link up your own creation on Amanda (Okgirl's) blog in order to be in the running for the grand prize!

I actually really enjoyed this sketch.  There is a simplicity, yet great texture in it.  I chose the photos of a hike we did at the end of last summer.  I woke up feeling a bit queasy, but sometimes I do first thing.  I usually feel better as I get going.  So, I went forward; had some oatmeal.  Halfway through, I decided I wasn't ready to eat.  We went ahead and hit the trail.  About a mile up, it became clear that I was getting sick and really not feeling well.  It was a beautiful hike and I said I could go on.  We got near the end and to a pretty serious uphill section.  By now I was really not feeling well.  John trucked right on up and waited for me to just take my time and go slow.  He even shouted encouragements down back at me.  Really the view from the top was so worth it!  Just stunning.  And it was a gorgeous day.  He tried to get me to eat a little.  I think I had 3 bites of PB&J.  I ended up sick the rest of the weekend.

It wasn't a bad experience though.  I would really like to go back and hike it again.  Parts of the trail reminded me of something out of Lord of the Rings.  John and I really enjoy the hikes we take together.  Oregon is so beautiful and we are just sharing time together in this beauty!

Of course the sketch is a one page sketch and I have turned it into a double page layout!  I really do like double page layouts the best; plus I enjoy adding to the sketch and making it more.  I would like to gain in skill in this area.

Be sure to create your own layout with this sketch and link it up with the Mister Linky at Amanda (Okgirl's) blog  Now hop on over to Cassie's blog

The double

The sketch

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

His Very First Car Buy

I wasn't going to do this week's sketch because I have been really busy and I participated in Summer Camp at Club CK; which took a lot of my scrap time.  I really liked this week's sketch though and I dreamed about this layout, so I went ahead and made it.  It didn't take long.  The photos are all the same size and I replaced the paper circles with painted blocks.  I added paint spatters too.  I think it goes well with the photos with the rusted out train cars.

Bryon recently bought his very first car (the other one he drove was ours that we bought for him to use).  He now is building credit and growing in responsibility as he has car payments that he needs to be on time for and be sure to go to work so he has the money for it.  He is becoming a man!

The layout

The double

The sketch

Hike Mini Album

The Challenge:
Make a family vacation mini album at Summer Camp at Club CK

I won this cool Maya Road mini album months ago and knew I wanted to use is for John and I, I just didn't know for what.  When we were issued this challenge, I immediately thought of all the hikes we take and knew this was just the thing for my album.  I love our hikes together!  We get to spend time with each other in one of the most beautiful stated in the nation!  We have seen such beauty and trekked such fun trails, that I wanted to showcase this for all.

The album was blank chipboard and I covered it in My Mind's Eye paper and used almost all coordinating embellishments.  I did use quite a few Stampin' Up rub-ons too.  They seemed to go well.  To create pockets for hidden journal tags, I just cut a small envelope in half and taped to the back side of the photograph.

The badge

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dress

The Challenge;
use coffee filters on your layout

I'll admit it, when I was reading what the projects were going to be for the different days of Summer Camp at Club CK, I was least excited about this one.  Then I saw what someone did with the filters and thought they would be perfect for the layout of Kayla's wedding dress for her album.  The filters made wonderful ruffles!  You first cut out the center, leaving the ruffly edge.  Then you cut out a small section so you are left with a more than half circle.  Next color or otherwise decorate.  I made a glittery spray mist using pearlized water.  Then you scrunch up the filter until it forms the ruffle you are looking for.  I added a ribbon and pearl waistband and gems to the "fabric".  I also used a Sketch Support sketch.

The badge

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tire Mt.

The Challenge:
Use colored pencils on your layout

The Challenge:
Use eyelets on your layout.

I have to say that this is not one of my favorites.  I am not really an artsy kind of scrapper.  I can't draw to save my life either!  This looked really cool in my dreams.  Yes, I do dream about layouts, doesn't everyone?  I used the eyelets as the start of my rainbow and the main part of the rainbow was done with water colored pencils.  The rays of the sun and the vine are as well.  I used a SLS sketch for the left hand side of the layout. It is really much more of a buttery yellow in real life.  Don't know why it turned out sort of tan.

I scrapped our hike up Tire Mountain.  There were so many pretty little mountain meadows along the way!  It is a pretty popular mountain biking trail too so we had to wait for groups of bikers to go by several times.  You wouldn't get me on a bike on this trail!  There were many spots where the trail was very narrow and the drop so steep!  I would have been found at the bottom of a ravine since bikes and I don't get along very well...  It was a gorgeous day the the trail was beautiful and I can see all of it quite well from the bottoms of my feet!

The badge

The sketch

Friday, August 12, 2011


The Challenge:
Use at least three different layers with different textures to mat your focal photo and use song lyrics

The Challenge:
Make your journaling end in your title

This layout was done for the second day of Summer Camp at Club CK.  I picked this layout because I thought the photos went really well with the lyrics to this song "That's What Friends Are For".  It's all about friendship.  How we are there for each other, no matter what!  Even when we have to say, "Good bye" for a time.  This is from a gathering of the women at our church who came together to say farewell to our really good friend who was starting a new adventure over 2000 miles away.  It was a testament to how much she means to us and how we all care for one another.  It IS what friends are for!  It was a gorgeous night, the first one all month!

I let the lyrics be my journaling and the word "Friends" became my title.  The photo with all of us together was the most important to me, so I used it for my focal photo.  I like the different textures.  I used and embossing folder, a scrunched up piece of tissue and a die cut, lacy heart piece of paper.  I offset them so you could enjoy each layer as its own and as a whole.

The badge

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dark Pond - The Double

Bet you thought I did a single page layout recently here.  Nope!  I just only had time to get the one side done, photographed and posted before the deadline.  I finished the second page later that night.  Here is my full layout from the CK Summer Camp "use wood grain and natural elements in a layout" challenge

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dark Pond

The Challenge:
Use wood grain paper or other natural elements on a layout

Whew!  It's a busy week over at Club CK.  It is summer camp and I am stuck at work most of the day!  I am trying to get as much done this week that I can.  I also like the Sketchy Thursdays sketch this week and wanted to do that as well.   So.....why not combine?!?  I have been wanting to use this Tim Holtz embossing folder of bark grain for a while and I thought that this is the perfect time.  I went out in the yard and found some sticks too :)

Here is my layout

Here is the badge I earned for completing today's challenge

Here is the Sketchy Thursdays sketch that this layout is based on.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hay Fever Festival

The Challenge:
Use the blank space on a sheet of letter stickers or die cut letters to trace your title.

I needed to get my Hay Fever Festival photos scrapped so I chose to do them for this challenge.  I like the look of the letters for the subject; it adds a great touch for the subject.   I decided to trace just the first letter of each line in my title for this challenge.  I liked the look of the letters for this.  They are really cool letters too!  I guess this is a good way to be able to use them more than the one that is on the sheet.   I also love the look of the stitching template I used and the cobwebs and spiders.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabulous Baker's Twine Giveaway!

Whisker Graphics (you just gotta love that name) is giving away some really cool baker's twine.  Check it out!