Monday, April 28, 2014

Quirky Me

This case file at CSI had me taking a break from scrapping Yellowstone photos and moving to scrapping about me.  One of the journal prompts asks us to write about one of our quirks.  Funny, because that is the word I use to describe me, if asked for one word.  All of my is quirky!  I loved the pops of blue, against a more muted palette and just thought this was a worth diversion.

Evidence used: cogs/gears, metal, flowers, arrows, and bikes

Testimony is on my quirkiness.

The Case File

Saturday, April 5, 2014


This is CSI's fifth case collaboration with Scrap 356!  I greatly enjoy being part.  This case file was a lot of fun.  There is something circus like about animal meal time.  This coyote is enjoying nice rib dinner.  We were on our way back, for our own dinner, when we found him, right by the side of the road.

Evidence used: stripes, paint, and triangles

Testimony is in the voice of the Ringmaster announcing dinner. "Step right up, Mr Coyote, and enjoy a nice rack of elk ribs!"

The case file

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Gear On The Bus

This was a super cool CSI case to solve! I loved the technology prompts along with these colors.  The perfect case file for some close up photos of the snow cat that took us around Yellowstone.

Evidence used: circles, metal, electricity tool (heat gun to melt the "corrosion" embossing powder), and solid black background

Testimony is inspired by the song, The Wheels On The Bus. "The gears on the bus go round and round, and take us round"

The Case File

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This month, at Scrapstuffz we are pairing up with Child's Play Challenges!  They have some really fun challenges that are based on toys we all used to play with when we were children.  And on top of that, we have a fabulous sketch!  It's just like Christmas all over again.

Our image comes from Child's Play.  I never did play with this, but I always thought they were cool.....sand art!  I love the way the colors just sort of meander, in waves, and make cool patterns.  I recently got a Gelli plate and I have to say that I am in love!  Even the hubby thinks it's cool.  He even decided that I need the bigger plate so I could make my own patterned paper.  Hello, yes.  One of the tools my kit came with was a texture comb.  It was the perfect tool to give my paint the fun waves like the sand art! I also thought these photos of this super cool mushroom would be perfect as they carried on with the colorful wave theme.  I added a few wave like embossing folders and burlap for texture.

I pretty much kept to the sketch except for using a photo cluster instead of the one photo and adding a small photo in the top cluster.  Really like how this one turned out.