Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Top 10

A few friends are looking back at some of our favorite projects from this past year.

1.This layout that documented our journey to Costa Rica. Loved the trip and the old world feel of the page.

 2. I hand carved this stamp of Bruce. Ended up doing a second one later. I'm quite proud of him!

3. I loved the mosaic look of this layout and the way the waves turned out.


4. I seriously love the watery, soft look of this page. That shade of green is so pretty!


5. My mom got me started on weaving this scarf. Love how soft and delicate it is.


 6. First of all, I love this photo that an instructor took at a Zumbathon. Secondly, I love how bright and fun the page turned out!


7. One of the things we did in Costa Rica was go on a hunt for Quetzal. They are gorgeous birds and we saw 3. I'm sure we looked funny silently running about this farm. Local guides pay farmers for reporting sightings and planting trees that the birds like. I love how the ink dispersed and the buttons.


8. We went to the coast with some friends and he did a bit of surfing. I loved how this photo turned out! I ended up giving him the page for his birthday. I love the waves and textured cloud, not to mention that giant life guard chair.


9. My little sister got married Halloween weekend, so she had a Hallowedding, complete with costume contest and decorations like wrought iron, a coffin, cauldrons, etc. I made this super fun card to give her.

10. This has to my favorite project of them all! It was for an artist collaboration, where we all started with a packet of supplies that was the same. It was so fun to see what people did with them. I had so much fun getting this clock all "rusty" and old looking.



  There you have it, some of my favorite projects from 2016. Can't wait to see what 2017 brings!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Van Gato

Yes, it's still December, the time of Christmas and I am still using the CSI cases for kitty layouts, that's just how I roll.

I recently had a crafter day with my good friend. She brought over a huge painting to work on and Sydney was so very curious, and of course gave her opinion. I love how the case just matched my photos so well, so I had to use them, right?

Evidence used: stripes, stars, flowers, leaves, tags, sprinkle something (the stars and enamel dots)

Testimony is on a tag.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hello, Sydney

I'm a little behind, but there is still time to join in with the major case at CSI this month. It's December so of course there are Christmas cases and of course I'm going to do a kitty layout for the Christmas theme.

Last year we had my daughter, her husband, and their cat living with us whilst they built their house. It was super fun, we laughed a lot, and I loved having a kitty in the house again! When they moved out, my husband told our daughter, "When we get back from Sydney, I'm getting Mom at cat". True to his word, when we returned from our trip (months after he told her, she was dying with anticipation) they went out and chose a cat for me. They couldn't have picked a better kitty, she is so sweet, hilarious, and loving. To go along with the story, her name settled into Sydney.

The Cut Shoppe has some fantastic kitty cut files; I used a few here. A Flair For Buttons has adorable kitty flair, as well as an Australia set, which is where the Sydney flair came from. One fabulous perk about them is you can mix and match sets by buying custom kits.

Evidence used: stripes, twine, stars

Testimony is something I've wished for for some time.