Monday, August 27, 2012

Black Crater

The Challenge:
Use paperclips on your next project

Office supplies have been a very "in" trend.  There are a ton you can use and you can get them pretty cheap too.  They also make for good work or school layouts.  I used mine as clips should be used, to hold things together, but I saw a bunch of really clever used, including banners.  I got some great ideas from this challenge.

I had the opportunity to go to a crop with a bunch of peeps from CK's message board, including the Issue Challenge peep.  I took this layout as one of the things to work on there.  It was kind of funny because after I finished, I just chucked it over on her desk and said, "Here's my Issue Challenge layout!"  She liked it because you can see so much more detail in person and not from just a photo.  Photos really don't do your work justice most of the time.  You miss the dimension details and the texture.

The photos were from Kayla and Kyle's recent vacation where they decided to go on a hike.  They had no idea how long it was going to be and there was still a lot of snow on the ground.  There were unable to reach the top, but had a great time anyway.

The layout

Friday, August 24, 2012


Wow!  Super bright and colorful colors for this case file!  It was just what I needed too.  I was having a rough weekend and just needed to do something fun.  And fun is what I had on this layout.

I picked a photo from my recent trip to crop with some CK peeps that just makes me happy.  We were taking frame photos when a third peep bombed us!  I'm so glad she did, it just makes my heart sing each time I look at it.

For my evidence I used: liquid mediums, circles, umbrella (on yellow paper), and a solid background.  For my testimony I listed our trip itinerary.

The layout

The case file

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elephant Salad

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!  Today we are learning all about using mixed fonts in our titles to help tell our story.  Come visit us at Thinking*Through*Designs to see our thoughts on using fonts and type to help convey your story on your next work of he{art}

My thoughts on using mixed fonts: Laura’s thought: I’ve long been a fan of mixing fonts in my title!  First, I think it’s just fun!  Secondly, it does help to tell the story at times.  I picked these grey letters for my word “elephant” because they are the color of elephants and they had a great texture that reminded me of the wrinkly skin.  I chose green for the word “salad” because, well, salad is green.  I often use larger and smaller letters to signify the importance of a word in my title.

The layout

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sasquatch Falls

The Challenge:
Use hexagons on your next project.

Hexagons are a pretty hot trend right now and I think they are a fun shape!  They come in all forms too.  Stop signs, honeycomb, chicken wire; I really like them. I had picked up this paper from MME that was full of hexagons in fun patterns, so I jumped at the chance to use it.

I love that it had maps and such, so I used a photo from a recent trip to attend a crop in central Washington with several peeps from the CK message board.  One of those peeps is the one that issues the Issue Challenge!  She is from Arizona and my friend and I decided that stopping at Multnomah Falls was a must stop for her to see.  It did not disappoint; she was amazed at all the water and green there.  She kept stopping to take photos of "weeds" and proclaimed that she hadn't seen so many shades of green before.  As we leaving, we stopped at the gift shop so my AZ friend could pick up some postcards.  She got one that had a drawing of the falls with Sasquatch in the foreground and that is what we've called the falls ever since!

The layout

Monday, August 20, 2012

Raging Waters

I recently signed up for a kit challenge on a scrapping message board that I belong to.  We were all sent the exact same kit with the exact same supplies and were given a sketch to follow.  As people started posting their layouts, it became apparent that just because you have the same stuff and same design, you can get very different layouts!  You don't have to use everything that came, but you should use a lot.  You could add cardstock for the base, ink and/or paint, and something for your title.  It really did amaze me how different all of our layouts looked.

I really love how mine turned out!  I had these photos of a hike we took just after Christmas where the water was super high and fast.  There really isn't any color in the photos, so they were giving me a bit of a hard time figuring out what to do with them.  I think the dark, grunge of the papers really help set the tone for the dark and dreary day we set out on.  The kit included a page of chevrons, which are my nemesis.  They can trigger a migraine in me and these where strong chevrons!  I went ahead and used them because when I cut them down, they made for lines that had a strong sense of movement in them which went perfectly with the rushing water.  They don't bother me too much once they've been cut down.

This was the first time I've taken part in a kit challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one!

The layout

Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Spent With You

The Challenge:
Use clocks on your project

CSI Case File #32

As I was working on the case file for CSI, I discovered that this layout was really about taking time off from our busy work and life schedules and getting away, just the two of us in a beautiful setting.  With that in mind, I had my title and used the clock embellishment to drive that message home.

I had a blast with this layout too!  I got my hands all inky blue and white paint on my fingernails.  I found that fiber paste is the perfect medium to make fluffy clouds!  As I spread the paste on, I made sure to make it rough with little peaks to give the clouds the fluffiness.  Those were my wet mediums.  I also used burlap, gauze and stars.  My journaling was all about taking the time to spend together at the coast.

The layout

The case file