Thursday, June 30, 2016

Time Worn

I loved the colors this week at CSI. I thought they went well with these photos I had from Alcatraz. I have these grid alpha stamps that I used to create a cool background. Reminds me of blueprints. I added some paste through a diamond stencil for some added texture, making sure it was not perfect, but looks like it's been crumbling, like the buildings. A fun banner, some clouds, and gears and watch parts finished off the piece. I like the clock parts pieces, broken, like time gone by.

Evidence used: white background, grid, diamonds, stamps, metal

Testimony was about the buildings of Alcatraz.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kitteu And Her Technicolor Coat

This week's CSI case is highlighting kitties. I had just taken this photo of my daughter's kitty after she had jumped into the window of my craft room. There is a stained glass piece, hanging in the window, that casts lovely rainbow images as the sun hits it. I looked up at the cat and her fur was all stained the colors of the glass.

I sketched out box background cut file (instead of cutting it out), made by The Cut Shoppe, then painted in the square with the colors from the palette. I stamped a bunch of clouds from Unity stamps and painted them in as well.

Evidence used: cats, clouds, diamond shape, frame

Testimony is about a pet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Heceta Head

I love going to the coast, it's my happy place. One of my favorite places to go is Heceta Head, with this pretty lighthouse and fantastic tide pools. It's in a protective little cove and just feels like home to me. The Land Ho file was just perfect for this shot of my husband and me next to the lighthouse. I even gave the scribble waves a try and they cut out perfectly! Tall Type always makes a statement and I love the beach house effect I was able to get using the wood, backed with distressed sea foam blue. The Kitschy Cursive was the perfect companion alpha. I few clouds from from Happy Clouds finished off the piece.

I hadn't meant to use so many files on my page, but with so many awesome files to be found in the shop, how can you stop at just one when there are a number of designs to help tell your story? Stop by today and find some inspiration!

Monday, June 27, 2016


Such super fun colors this week at CSI, they reminded me of the colors found on the Quetzal, a beautiful bird that we found in Costa Rica. We spent a good part of one morning hunting them down. This requires a guide, who is informed of sightings by local farmers. The farmers agree to let us come onto their land to seek out these beautiful birds. In exchange, they get a kickback from the guide. It's a great solution and gets the local people involved in providing places for these animals. We sat, very quietly, for great lengths of time, but were rewarded with being able to photograph these 2 gorgeous creatures.

Evidence used: metal, grid pattern, rectangle letter stickers, buttons, and solid background

Testimony is something I thought was amazing, and it sure was, and it starts with a letter sticker.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fly Home

Welcome to a new month of fun cases at CSI!

This week is sketch week and some really pretty colors that reminded me of the birds flying in for the night along the river at Sierpe, in Costa Rica. It was just a stunning ending to an amazing day. We saw so many different, cool animals, all day long. As the sun began to set, all of the egret and ibis flew from all corners to this one stand of bamboo to settle in for the night. It was a spectacular sight.

Evidence used: lace, something transparent, wood, and pearls.

Testimony is using a prompt from Visual Journals, "As the day fade, the egret come home to roost. Sierpe, Costa Rica 12.2015"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You & Me

Today I am using the super fun giant ampersand, from And Love, and I just love the statement it makes. You AND me. I am better with you. We are a force of one. And. Since I'm all about the statement, I cut it out rather large to become the centerpiece of my layout. I love how the hearts from Spring Fling go so seamlessly with the hearts in the ampersand. I used 2 of the 3 rows for a little banner to bring balance to page. Finally, the Open Letter Alpha was the perfect alpha to cut the rest of my title from because I could tailor the background paper to reflect the individuals represented.

Stop over in the shop and pick up And Love today and make your statement!