Thursday, March 31, 2011

Band Kids and Travel

It is so weird not to be getting ready to go on a band trip this year!  I really enjoyed my years spent with them on a bus, nowhere to go.  They are interesting to talk to and a lot of fun to watch!  Here are a couple of layouts from last year's San Fransisco trip with the jazz band and choir.

Just a little 12 hour bus way.

It is amazing how these guys come up with things to keep them occupied!  They are so funny :D 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Very First Layout

The other day someone asked to see our first layouts at Club CK.  She thought it would be interesting to see how we have grown since we started scrapbooking.  Boy, oh, boy have I come a long way!  I started out as a stamper.  I enjoyed creating cards and having fun with my friends.  There weren't very many stamp lines yet, but we had a good time.  When scrapbooking first came on the scene, it consisted of white pages, stickers funky scissors and cutting photos into shapes.  I resisted scrapping because I really didn't like the stickers.  One day I thought, "Hey, why not use my stamps?"  This was my entrance into scrapping and I have never looked back.  Today I enjoy both stamping and scrapping.  Here is a little peek into my first layout.  Someone commented on it saying, "Love the feet coming out of your head..."  Ha ha, never noticed that before.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrap Lift Challenge Week of 3/20/11

The Challenge: Find a layout from one of the Masters and scrap lift it.

Boy, I tell you that I really struggled with this challenge!  I don't think I have ever set out to scrap lift a lo before.  I have taken ideas I like from someone or used a lo for a sketch, but I have never set out to find a lo I like and then scrap it.  I think it's because it is backwards from how I usually work.  Usually I find the photos I like and then decide how to best scrap them.  I flipped through photos...nothing.  Flipped through los.....nothing,  Pulled out the current mag....oh, I really like Kim Watson's Rain Puddles, wish I had rain photos.  Flipped through photos....Hey, this might work.  And it did!  Not rain photos, but DS's baptism.  I did a play on the rain theme and I really like it.  Way to get me WAY out of my comfort box!

Here is Kim's layout found in the Mar/April 2011 CK mag on page 19 followed by mine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicks and Peeps

It's funny, but the two groups I love most are my women's group from church (Sister Chicks) and the gals at Club CK (Peeps).  I seem to flock with birds of the same feather!  Both groups are really very similar as they are full of loving, supportive women.  I know that I have two places to go to for encouragement, support and many prayers.  It is an uncommon and unusual thing for two such large groups to get along so well and not beat each other up.  So to all my Peeps and Chicks, thanks so much for your friendship and I love you all a ton!  And that is not bird feed ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My First Post

Well, here I am.  Jumping on the board the blog train.  I know that I have found ideas and inspiration at other crafter's blog sites so I hope I can be an inspiration to you too!

Here are two layouts that I just loved this week.

This first one I did for a challenge over at Club CK.  We were to use: a border punch, stitching, the color green, alter your title, a corner rounder and fussy cut something.  I used a torn paper punch to make my grass, dry embossed and distress inked my title, stitched the tree trunk, stems & leaves and cloud, fussy cut the leaves and bird, the background, stems and tree are green, rounded the mat on the left.

The second one I did for an Issue Challenge.  We were supposed to make a layout with a banner.