Thursday, June 29, 2017

Smith Rock

I'm back after quite a blogging hiatus. I've been dealing with a wrist injury, that ended with surgery and typing one handed is just such a difficult, frustrating thing to do, but I finally have some use of my right hand and typing is so much easier, so I bring you CSI case number 232.

I'm a big hiker (it's been hard to not be able to hike with trekking poles right now!) Last summer we tried a new trail, as a family, at Smith Rock in Eastern Oregon. The trail name is Misery Ridge. That should tell you something. It's quite a way up, on an exposed and rocky trail, but the view is spectacular. We then wound our way down the back side of the rock formation, a lot of it in the shade, and ended with a nice walk along a pretty little river. It was a fantastic trail!

Evidence used: wood, trees, mesh, mushrooms
Testimony is documenting an outdoor activity.

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