Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mt Jefferson

One of the things we love to do is to go and hike this beautiful state we live in. My boss recently told me about one hike that offers spectacular views of Mt Jefferson. We've never really explored this part of the state, so we were so pleasantly surprised and hope to return for future hikes. You hike to the top of a ridge, along a most beautiful trail and are rewarded with this stunning view of the mountain. It's so close to you, you can almost feel it. There is a little side trail that leads to a cave where you can frame the mountain from inside (more on that another time). It was so unique, my mom saw my photos and begged for us to take her, so we did this hike twice in 2 weeks. Well worth is. And....come to find out, my boss had only heard of it and hasn't gone! He needs to go.

Evidence used: text print, doily, string, stripes

Testimony is documenting our pastime of going on hikes. "We love to hike this state and see the many gorgeous sites!"