Friday, January 4, 2019

Unity Stamp Co January Challenge

January Challenge
Welcome to January and 2019! Today we take a break from quick cards and visit a more in-depth technique; shaker cards. And so, I will show you how I make these fun, interactive cards.

The Project

The Steps
First, gather your supplies.

I used the Everblooming kit. This stamp makes a great shaker card and what better thing to fill it with, but seeds? It's the dead of Winter, so I couldn't find any flower seeds, but I did find some grass seed and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were partly colored!

Begin by stamping the image. Clair ink is my favorite ink, so crisp and vivid.

Next color or paint the image, if desired.

I chose an image and cut the center out, but you can use a frame die or create your own frame using differing sized dies. Using my X-acto knife, I cut out the center of my seed packet, then used scissors to fine tune my cut.

Apply acetate with some good adhesive. If you don't have acetate, you can use the clear packaging from your supplies, a baggie, or vellum.

After that, create an area for your elements to be able to shake and move. I do this using foam tape.
Quick hint: I get mine from the hardware store. It's cheaper than the craft store!
Be sure to cover the entire area in foam tape, leaving no gaps. However, you can leave them, I suppose, if you really want to deliver a glitter bomb to the recipient. *wink*

Fill the space with whatever you want to shake inside your shaker card. I chose seeds and some glass glitter, for sparkle. Carefully remove the tape backing so your glitter and such doesn't try to escape. Be sure to have a back piece to at the ready to cover the contents.

Adhere to card face and add embellishments and sentiment.

The Challenge
The first post of the month will present a challenge that will be open for the whole month. This will allows you to take some time and try out some new techniques. And so this month I challenge you to make a shaker card or other interactive card or project. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Unity Show and Tell
If you aren't part of the Unity Show & Tellgroup, on Facebook, you really should check it out. There is a lot of inspiration and good friends waiting for you. In addition, you'll find challenges, with prizes!

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