Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Artist Weaving Collaboration

A group of mixed media artists got together to make a little blog hop of weaving creations. You really don't need a ton of expensive equipment, time, or space to make a fun little piece. I do have a little table top loom, but you can make something pretty cheaply for small pieces.

I decided to do wearable art rather than a wall hanging. Isn't this yarn so pretty? It was gifted to me by my mom who is quite the weaver, thanks Mom. I just love how pretty and delicate it is and can't wait to wear it!

Check out what these awesome ladies made whilst you are at it!

Martha Richardson
Beth Soler
Albion Gould
DeeDee Catron 
Tina Walker
you are here >>>Laura Mooney<<<
Robyn Crowningshield


  1. That's beautiful! I had no idea you had this hidden talent!

  2. this is AMAZING!!! the detail is superb and from far away it's so soft and pretty.

  3. The scarf is fabulous, so light & airy. Beautiful fibers to work with also.

  4. I love your take on the weaving idea! This is beautiful Laura!

  5. This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful variation. I'm going to have to give a scarf a whirl with those super pretty yarns. :)