Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Quick Cards

Hello and happy Monday! Today I have a super quick card for you; 10:04. It's an easy technique with minimal coloring, but maximum impact.

I used Best Of The Best, by Unity Stamp Co. This stamp has so much going for it, that it doesn't need a lot of coloring and fuss. I love the simple elegance that coloring just a bit of the image gives. More isn't always better, sometimes it's just more. It is great to remember this when you need a quick card too. A few pops of color and a bit of bling is all that is needed. It allows the eye to take in the beautiful design of the stamp and simply rest. In our day of over the top visual effects, sometimes it's just nice to rest in simple beauty.

Next time you need a quick card, or just as something different, try this simple, yet impactful technique. 

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! Perfectly placed pops of color and bling! Must remember to try something like this when I need my next quick card...which is pretty much always because I only know how to procrastinate!