Saturday, February 23, 2019

She Declined

Hello, Laura here with you today with a kitty layout for A Flair For Buttons. My cat recently had to have an oral procedure done, under anesthesia. When I went to pick her up, several people told me how funny she had been, under the influence of the drugs. they sent a surgery tech to collect her and suddenly we hear what sounds like 6 cats in an epic brawl. A few minutes later, the tech emerged with my cat and said, "I tried to bandage her IV site. She declined." Yeah, I think we all got that message.
She declined framed

The Got Cat  and Cute Kittyflair set were perfect for my story. The lil kitty is darling and I can just hear the "meow meow meow" as cat cursing at the indignities she was suffering.

Il_1140xN.429071819_1xcy      Il_1140xN.429071819_1xcy

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Until next time, happy crafting.

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