Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fairy Rings

This week's case at CSI is a super cool travel one. I'm not sure how I got from travel to fairies and mushrooms... I guess the colors of the case reminded me of the colors of the mushrooms that I saw on a recent visit to the Redwoods. Oh! Travel and mushrooms, there you go.

 I found a fun piece of patterned paper and this cute mushroom cut file to compliment the photos. I love the wispy sky in the inspiration photo, so I cut out some clouds and used shimmer watercolors to give a similar effect. I used a flying bird stencil with some paste and sapphire distress ink to create dimension and more whimsy. Some grass and a fairy complete the fairy tale picture, all that was left was to write a poem for my journaling. I did have a bit of help. I mentioned to a friend that that was the final addition to the piece and she shot back some great lines! I just tweaked a bit, mostly with the division of the lines and added to the page.

Evidence used: circles, wet medium, clouds, something that flies

Testimony is a free poem:
Her secret is to
Where she is planted
Fairy rings
To just be
But with glorious

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